Reality TV shows have taken reality to the extremes, with shows such as Teen Mom, Jersey Shore, The Real Housewives. It is evident that these shows poorly portray what actually happens in life, instead they entertain people with the drama and comedy and most of the time the lies told in the show. Pageants have had the worst of all reality television for two reasons: Toddlers and Tiaras and Crown Chasers. Both take pageants to two different extremes, showing the untruthful bad side. Of course, I am not here to bash anyone, but I am here to make things clear to people who think all pageants are like the ones on the television.

Is this the face of a child? It sure does not look like it!

Toddlers and Tiaras follows the families of contestants in child beauty pageants. It is widely known for young girls wearing makeup, fake teeth, having a spray tan and going on stage in provocative costumes. These types of pageants are referred to as “Glitz Pageants” where you see 5 year old girls dressed up as a 15 year old. Now, why this is wrong: this is only one type of pageant that does not take place in a lot of places besides parts of the United States. These types of pageants do not teach young girls what inner beauty really is, it only teaches them what makeup is. I personally have attended a child pageant and what I saw was far from what TV makes it out to be. The girls looked their age, no trace of makeup, and were very intelligent.

Crown Chasers

Crown Chasers is a new show filled with drama, botox and 40 year old women competing in pageants. Now, the issue is not that these women enjoy pageants, the issue is that they take it to the extreme where there is surgery involved and drama galore! The title itself says something about the show, no true beauty queen should ever be chasing the crown, the crown is a symbol not the prize.

Kristen Dalton, Miss USA 2009 in Haiti

I am fairly new to pageants, but within the last two years I have been able to learn what they really are. Pageants are a celebration of empowered women who want to change the world and will do so. Pageants are the first step into bettering yourself and gaining confidence. Pageants allow women to become role models for other girls. Beauty queens are some of the most hard working females I know.

So, to wrap things up, pageants are not what you see on TV. I hope that people will take note of that while watching these shows, while they can be entertaining, never forget that you should not always believe what you see on the television screen.


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