Hello beauties! This past month has been such a busy month with so many exciting events and I cannot wait to share them with all of you! Earlier in April I was lucky enough to partake in my local Run for Rocky. Run for Rocky is a 5km charity run/walk that supports local GSA’s (Gay Straight Alliance) in local high schools and post-secondary school systems and also carries forward the legacy of Windsor local Rocky Campana.

Who is Rocky Campana?

Rocky was a graduate of the University of Western Ontario, Richard Ivey School of Business graduate program. He was an honors student who also worked 30 to 40 hours per week while volunteering daily. Rocky, actively involved with the Pride Library, The Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation, the Alzheimer’s Society, and local soccer leagues, made a difference and touched the lives of so many. Unfortunately, after struggling with bouts of clinical depression, Rocky passed away after attempting to take his own life in 2012. Rocky was openly gay and after years of ridicule from others, despite the endless support from his family, he could no longer take the pain. One of his biggest passions in life was to help and support others in the LGBTQ community and just weeks before his passing, he had begun his dream job at Proctor and Gamble. Part of his job included community service and his ambition was to go into high schools to speak with the students about accepting others for who they are. Even though Rocky may be gone, his family is persistent in continuing his legacy. In a statement put out by his mother, “Rocky was a shining star, an achiever, and proud to be gay. He had everything in life to live for including a high profile new job and a family he adored and whom supported him endlessly with great pride. It is now apparent that Rocky suffered from depression. We understood that if this scenario is possible in our family it is a risk for any family with an LGBTQ youth. Rocky made a difference in life and as a family we are determined his message continues to be delivered and makes a difference in others lives.”

Myself, Kate (my good friend who also spoke at the event - GO KATE!!!), and my lifelong childhood friend Adriana all had a blast at the run!

To carry on his legacy his family started the Run for Rocky and I am honored to say that I was a part of the 2nd Annual run this year. The work that Rocky started and that his family continues to carry on to break the stigmas of the LGBTQ community is incredible and I cannot wait to support them again next year!

~~~Miss Teenage Essex-County 2014

Hannah Costa


Written by: Hannah

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